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Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett is the host of the weekly syndicated radio program, Richard Syrett's Strange Planet.  He has built his reputation as an accomplished teller of spell-binding tales, and a keen interviewer in the arena of the unexplained.

He is a regular guest-host on Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to, late-night radio program in the world.

Beginning in 2010, Richard created, wrote, produced and hosted four seasons of The Conspiracy Show, a documentary-style television program which aired across Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and Africa. 

In 2013 he co-starred in a pilot for The Discovery Channel in the U.S. called The United States of Paranoia, which investigated claims of electronic harassment and mind control.

​In 2018 Richard created, wrote, and hosted the critically acclaimed podcast The Rock ‘n Roll Twilight Zone on Westwood One and The Chris Jericho podcast network.

He is a much sought-after expert on all things unexplained and has appeared on numerous television series, including: William Shatner’s Weird or What?; National Park Mysteries; and Freak Encounters. 

Richard and The Mighty Aphrodite are parents to twin boys and reside just north of Toronto, Canada.

What happened to The Conspiracy Show radio program?

The Conspiracy Show, later renamed Strange Planet aired for 13 years on Zoomer Radio AM 740 in Toronto, Sunday nights at 11pm eastern.  The show was also syndicated in about 40 markets beginning in the summer of 2012.  The final show aired in late August of 2022.  It was a great ride and I enjoyed every minute of it, but all good things must eventually come to an end.  I decided to end the show in order to focus my attention and energy on my other projects, including my podcast, Richard Syrett's Strange Planet, guest-hosting Coast to Coast AM, my YouTube channel, @StrangePlanetRadio, and my daily afternoon drive-home show, The Richard Syrett Show on Sauga 960 AM. 

How can I listen to Coast to Coast AM if I live in Canada?

I continue to receive emails from my fans in Canada who are unable to listen to Coast to Coast AM.  At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, nearly all, if not all, of Coast's Canadian affiliates stopped broadcasting Coast to Coast AM.  The best way to listen to Coast now, if you live in Canada, is to stream it either on your tablet or smartphone.  First, I'd advise you to download any one of several apps that allow you to stream radio programs.  Simple Radio or TuneIn are two with which I am familiar.  Next, go to the Coast to Coast AM website ( and  in the top menu bar find MEDIA.  Click on MEDIA and then select STATIONS.  Find an affiliate station that carries Coast by clicking on any of the states and choose one of the stations that are listed.  For example, you could click on "Kentucky" and choose WKCT-AM 930 Bowling Green.  Next, go to your Simple Radio or TuneIn app and find WKCT-AM 930 and select it.  Now you can listen to Coast to Coast AM live every night on your phone or tablet.  The Mighty Aphrodite listens to Coast on WKCT-AM 930.

How do I know when you are guest-hosting on Coast to Coast AM?

You've come to the right place.  My upcoming appearances on Coast to Coast AM are listed on the homepage of this website under Coast to Coast Appearances.

How do I subscribe to your podcast?

Go to the homepage at and on the right hand side the screen, right under the cartoon image of me watching an alien exit his craft, you'll see the most recent episode of my podcast.  Look for the subscribe button.  You can also stream previous episodes on the website.

Why should I become a Premium Subscriber to the podcast?

By becoming a Premium Subscriber you gain access to commercial-free listening. You also receive my monthly newsletter, InnerSanctum, as many as two ad-free bonus episodes per month, and an exclusive monthly "Ask Me Anything" over Zoom.  To become a Premium Subscriber go to

What Happens on your YouTube channel?

My YouTube Channel is @StrangePlanetRadio.   There you can watch and listen to my podcast, Richard Syrett's Strange Planet. New episodes are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursdays on the YouTube channel I post a "Throwback Thursday" episode where I dive into my vast audio archives and retrieve an old episode of my old radio program, The Conspiracy Show.  Finally, once a month, usually the last Sunday of the month, I host a two-hour livestream.  If you watch, be sure to join in on the conversation by joining the YouTube live chat.

Whatever Happened to your TV program, The Conspiracy Show?

Starting in 2010, I created, wrote, co-produced and hosted a documentary style television program called The Conspiracy Show.  My crew and I travelled across North America and to the UK and produced about 60 episodes on conspiracies, UFOs, cryptids and the paranormal. The series aired for four seasons on Vision TV across Canada.  The series was also sold internationally and was seen in The United States, Australia, parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.  The show is no longer in production.  Click here to watch all of the  episodes. 

Are you available for speaking engagements and live events?

Yes, I'm happy to speak at your live event.  Just reach out to me using the contact page. Please provide specific details about your event.


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